Visual artist BIO A self-taught artist with a studio practice in Nigeria. Peter studied biology education at Kogi State University and began his self-guided and intuitive art practice in 2017 while finishing his undergraduate degree. His most recent work combines West African Folklore with Post-Colonial Theory within the realm of Blackness, unpacking critical themes that refer to a time in Africa before colonial encounter. Peter brings a new and exciting depth to the figure by creating mask like visages harkening back to cultural practices that created abstraction which lead to modernism long before any work of Picasso. Instead of hyperrealist faces and bodies that objectify blackness, Peter replaces naturalistic features with tradition ritualistic masks that focus in a feeling rather than skin. STATEMENT In the investigation of
human development of individual identity, Ojingiri oluwaseun Peter explore the mental development of the people in his society and diaspora before and after the colonial era, He transforms his subjects into traditional mask like structure to strongly identify their source of existence as an African. These painting expresses conditions where the subject identity is challenged by external factors (culture, religion, lifestyle, etc.) in his or her society, which results in the loss or altered identity of a person; (a battle of who he is and who he might be, and what might happen if he becomes who he wants to be or not), the subjects are termed the “confused one”, as a result of someone whose identity is broken or lack the ability to understand who they really are. Peter investigate if what was lost is worth losing or recovering.