Reflection of chaos
What comes to your mind when you hear the word Africa, what engulfs your imagination the moment you head the word “Nigeria”. The stereotype of Africa being occupied by savage people can be traced back to a very long time ago. As people see a black man or woman to a lesser being, this results in a lot of negative things, it took a very long time and understanding for black ideas to be validated to be right, anything from a black person is second guessed as to be true. Back in 1911 when the ife heads was first discovered, it was suggested to have being created by Greek or other settlers other than African, this speculation tries to devalues a black man’s ability of creation. The ife heads was so realistic and exceptionally executed with high level craftsmanship before the western contact. The heads were believed to have represented the ooni of ife after being excavated in 1938 , this was a great discovery, as it proves a lot of believe of what african ability could be but then the creator did not make the sculpture hoping to prove a point to the western they had no idea might have existed or come to Africa or Nigeria, the instead make those sculptures as a form a representation and documentation of their time, which is the most vital thing as an artist. The ooni of ife would have been who the head represented because of the structure of the society at that time, where the king has maximum authority and his superior to everyone. The ooni are symbol of everything the society can rely on, compared to the society we live in now, everyone is equal. A place where everyone is a potential president and Vario us positions. If we are to represent king and queen in this era, then we will be representing everyone and anyone. The ife heads helps with the proper representation of what people looked like and how they perceive themselves as a person. The heads helps us take a journey to a time we never existed. It gives us sight back in time. I create the millennium head to document the present people in my era to give the generation to come an insight to this time, the heads are created in form that tells the story of the past artists they created the ife head. Like I said earlier, if we are to document kings and queens of this time, everyone will be included. I go beyond documenting the looks of my subjects as their stories is also captured alongside mine in the canvas. This is a form of transporting African culture and developing the narrative that have been created even before the western contact in africa